KBC Points of Difference

KBC can offer your organisation specialised knowledge within the health, sport and recreation sector, personalised service, value for money and an easy and friendly approach to  assist you to ‘join all your dot’s.


KBC has worked within the health, sport and recreation sector for over 25 years.  She has in-depth knowledge of the government sector as well as experience at all levels of community based sport, recreation, health and volunteer organisations.  She has held a variety of roles within small to medium not-for-profit clubs/groups, sat on numerous boards at regional, state and national level and has experience in the professional sport sector. Having lived and operated from a regional centre (Albany) for the past 20 years, she understands the many challenges faced by regional communities.


Deal Direct

You will deal directly with Kim Buttfield.  KBC experience allows you to go straight to the core of the issue and obtain the best results in the most effective and efficient way possible.  If required, KBC has considerable contacts within the sectors and can also coordinate others for specific topics or expertise.


KBC understands the sport world and the different approaches that may be required, depending on the level of your organisation and the issues you are dealing with.  You will be dealt with as an individual, with specific needs and the approach will be flexible, action orientated and streamlined. 


Sport and its people are passionate but occasionally sit a little too close (can’t see the way to connect the dots).  KBC can provide that independence, impartiality and subjectiveness that your organisation may need.

Value for Money

KBC appreciates that sport and recreation operates mainly within the volunteer sector.  Funds are hard to come by and need to be carefully managed.  KBC will deliver value for the money and time spent.  Kim understands that considerable activity operates outside normal business hours and is available at times convenient to your organisation (at no additional cost). 


Ultimately KBC is about supporting sport, recreation and community groups to better manage their ‘business’ so they can spend more time doing what they love to do.
"Life always begins with one step outside your comfort zone."