What KBC Can Offer

KBC can offer consultancy support and/or presentation/workshops in any of the areas below:

  • Governance – work with your Board/Committee to improve their practices. Review, develop and/or audit your key governance documents such as constitutions, by-laws and policies.
  • Strategic Planning /Action Planning – Develop, review and/or audit of strategic documents to guide your organisation   Develop, review and/or audit action plans to assist committees/working groups. 
  • Future Planning – facilitate and deliver practical and engaging planning workshops for boards, committee and members – exploring the future opportunities.
  • Facilitation and Workshop Development – develop and/or facilitating an action-packed program for clubs, boards, committees.
  • People Development (Sport and Recreation Volunteers) – develop and/or deliver specific training for sport, recreation and community volunteers in a range of areas.
  • Project Development and Management – develop and assist with scoping up specific project plans for sport and recreation committees and working groups. 
  • Report Writing and Grant Acquittal – assist with final acquittal processes, including report writing. Editing and review of key documents.
  • Evaluation –develop evaluation tools and/or undertake an external evaluation and report.
  • Sponsorship and Grant submissions and training in grant writing.
  • Risk Management Plans - Develop, review and/or audit of risk management plans for your events, activities or organisation.

Club Works

In conjunction with leading e-learning specialists – iClick2Learn, Kim hads developed some short on-line volunteer training courses specific to sport and recreation volunteers.